Amsterdam is one of our favourite destinations, so this time we decided to share with you the TOP 5 must-eat hotspots in the capital. A good day always begins with big breakfast, something that kick starts your appetite for the rest of the day. Actually, I personally cannot function properly without a morning bite, so my husband and I made an effort to find places that have great breakfast, brunch and dinner and are worth recommending. Guess what?! We found them!

1. Pancakes Amsterdam

This place is a pancake house that has expanded into 4 locations around the city centre. The one we decided to go to is located nearby Centraal Station, on Prins Hedrikkade 48. Whenever you walk in you can smell the scent of pancakes prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients. Sweet, savoury, gluten-free, lactose-free, or vegan is served as you wish. Or, you can create your own pancakes. by choosing from the list of their ingredients on the bottom of their menu – the variety is endless.

As I mentioned, this place is perfect for breakfast or if you want to stay longer in bed just pop in for a quick brunch. Each house has got different opening hours from 9 am till 6pm or 8 am till 8 pm just pick the one that is close to you; either near Centraal Station, or the one on Berenstraat 38 or on Prinsengracht 277 or Steiger 10. By the way, there is one little thing, despite delicious tastes, the bill comes with a little souvenir that will help you remember your visit.

2. Bridges Amsterdam

The clock just stuck midday, so it is lunchtime and the opportunity to spice up your dining experience in Holland awaits in the Michelin starred restaurant called Bridges. Located in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the ground floor located restaurant and bar really brings its style to a different level – quality, presentation, precision, perfect balance of tastes and most importantly, fresh ingredients.

Nevertheless you probably wonder why you should have lunch in there?! Because they offer a daily changing two or three-course lunch which means that you can sample the menu, trying different meals each time you dine there. This restaurant focuses mainly on fish and seafood offerings, so if you are a seafood lover you will definitely get what you want.

We booked a table on Sunday just before our evening Amsterdam Light Festival canal cruise. Perhaps you remember from the previous articles that the routine in a starred restaurant is that they welcome you with amuse-bouche, a little welcome bite before they really bring it on. Honestly it was so delicious; firstly, we got a delicate piece of baby carrot coated in sesame seeds and wasabi spice. Indeed, they brought more as you can see in the pictures, but the taste of the carrot was as intense as my taste buds burst from the pleasure of a culinary ecstasy.

3. Wok to Walk

We are not big fans of franchises, because it evokes thoughts of fast processed food. Nevertheless, when we came across Wok to Walk; a delicious eatery that swept our doubts away about quick meal chain stores. Even though it is a franchise and they serve your food in a blink of an eye it is always 100 % fresh! No matter if you are a meat eater or vegetarian or vegan they can cook any kind of noodle dish. You can choose from 50 ingredients including 4 types of noodles, 3 types of rice, vegetables and even fruits, meat and seafood, 11 different sauces and 7 toppings.

Quite a lot isn’t it?! My personal favourite is rice noodles with chicken, shitake mushrooms, spinach, bamboo shoots, Shanghai sauce and sesame seeds mix on top! When we are in the Netherlands we never miss out on an opportunity to pop in for a great meal at any time. Literarily, you can go to any of their 6 restaurants in Amsterdam that are open late at night.

Some of them even shut at 4 o’clock in the morning. This place is perfect for globetrotters that travel day and night, people with hectic lifestyles, or for locals that just want to have a quick meal during a normal day. We promise that if you walk in you will be impressed and will want to come back for another tasty meal. But the Netherlands isn’t the only destination where Wok to Walk sticks their chopsticks 😉 Their restaurants are located around the world in 21 countries, so whether you visit a neighbouring country or you travel across the globe, Wok to Walk opens the door to welcome you and your friends!

4. Daalder Restaurant

Number 4 on our list belongs to Daalder Amsterdam, a Michelin plate restaurant that gained its place in the guide this year. When we read about it on the internet it tempted us immediately so we booked a table for dinner. Firstly, it seemed to be easy to get a table when we booked it, but when we walked in that evening the vision of getting in effortlessly flew away because the restaurant was completely booked out! The welcoming host sat us at our table and the waiters served us immediately.

As usual we started with a trio of amuse-bouche that continued with a starter. I can’t remember exactly what it was like, the taste was so overwhelming. Next, they brought a bowl that had mushrooms mixed together with eggs. Just one bite and I felt like I am home eating breakfast just like my husband cooks for me. The feeling of being home having the best of the best.

And this is what real passion and dedication to food preparation is in Daalder. Our dinner date kept going on as we got 3 more courses before a dessert came to our table. On first sight, what they brought actually looked like corn and we thought it might be part of the menu before the sweet course, but actually it was the sweet course – a yellow thick smooth cream formed into the shape of corn that can easily trick the eyes.

Turns out, the booking was necessary, it was meant to be the restaurant to eat in that night! We were blown away by their courses and this is what your experience should be about. To see, to smell and to taste dishes cooked with love and served with commitment to meet the highest customer expectations.

5. Senses Restaurant

Last day’s dinner, before journeying home, belonged to Senses Restaurant ran by the chef Lars Bartelsen. The place located in the heart of the city attracts visitors from all around the world with its delicacies and fine food offerings. The welcoming modern dining area is probably as big as a studio flat, and was exactly what we were looking for. Like we say, you don’t need to go to a crowded place to feel the atmosphere of a destination. Food forms the majority of character and the atmosphere of a dining place. Senses is definitely a restaurant where all your senses can be stimulated by either a 3 or a 6 course menu. Because we felt adventurous we picked the 6 course menu.

The more you try the better should be the idea of what the place is like… Each dish is creatively prepared with remarkable attention to detail that showed in the amuse-bouche we got. Minimalistic dishes, served precisely were just enough to line your stomach.

Every dish of the 6 course menu exceeded our expectations and we ate many different kinds of food from fish to meat, vegetables and fruit and of course, most importantly, a delicious dessert: the first spoon of the delightful creamy sweet paste made of matcha powder stimulated my taste buds and all of a sudden it felt like I was in Japan drinking matcha tea.

Like we said food forms the character of a restaurant and Senses Restaurant is no exception! But if you think it is just about food there you are wrong. Besides their creative dishes you receive a present; a little booklet whose secrets you can discover if you book a table in Senses for lunch or dinner.

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