Remember Le Marais, a central Paris neighbourhood I mentioned in the story a few weeks ago? Another little culinary hot-spot in Le Marais that is worth mentioning must be Au Bourguignon du Marais. In case you don’t stay in Le Marais and you need to get here from a distance take the yellow metro line number 1 and get off at Saint Paul station just 200 metres from the restaurant. Alternatively, the pink line number 7 drops you at Pont Marie station which is only 4 minutes away.

Luckily our apartment was located right in Le Marais, so it wasn’t far from the restaurant and we walked there at our own pace. On the way we passed this cosy eatery and because we were after something which would make our mouths water we decided to go in and give this place a try.

The staff welcomed us very warmly and were serving us as if we were regular customers from the beginning and throughout. As well as the service, the food prep didn’t take longer than a blink of an eye to get to our table.

I chose the roasted prawns with basil, quinoa salad and young bean shoots for a main course… What a refreshing dish full of nutrition! Daniel picked a classic French delight – beef bourguignon (also known as beef burgundy)  – served in a small casserole  pot  and looking exactly like a home-made dish made by your grandmother, prepared with love and humility. Of course, a glass of perfectly matching Burgundy region wine is a must to go with such delicacies 😉

Besides the pleasure of their cuisine and exceptional service, to make matters even better; they have some features that many restaurants don’t have in Paris: they allow pets in, which means that if you are travelling with a pet they are welcome as much as you are; also, their wheelchair access makes it easier for everyone to enjoy. No stairs – no problems.

Hi guys! We are Milica and Daniel or Millie and Dan, a happy couple with Slovak-Australian origins that love to travel. But not just randomly! We explore to show other couples how to spend good times together and experience some of the best times wining, dining and enjoying places. Does it sound good to you? Read more and get inspired! Read our story here >>

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