Although the city of lovers features thousands of culinary spots, this place will be held in my memory forever. To be in Paris on a beautiful warm summer night was a dream come true, on this night an unbelievable thing happened! The moment that every girl dreams of and the moment I had been waiting for a lifetime. My boyfriend took me out for a walk at sunset, we stopped on a bridge overlooking the river Seine and the famous cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, and he turned around and pulled a small box out of his pocket. He asked ”will you marry me?”

Even though he talked about marriage months before we met in Paris, I didn’t expect it at all. It was magical, unforgettable and in that moment I fell in love with him even more! Of course, there couldn’t have been a better place in Paris to celebrate our engagement than the exceptional Michelin star restaurant Le Jules Verne in the heart of the magnificent Eiffel Tower.

When I woke up from my day dreaming it was time to look at the menu. Perhaps you’re asking why their menu is so special and why we chose this restaurant?! I can give you a million reasons but here are the most important ones. Firstly, to keep people curious and I definitely was, they change the menu seasonally. Secondly, the view is simply spectacular; especially if you make a timely reservation to secure a place near the window.

The view from our table took my breath away right after we were seated. Literally we had Paris in our palm, because there is no better a place from where you can observe the Parisian’s daily rush. But, if you want that view you, I’d strongly recommend booking at least 3 months in advance. Thirdly, the service is truly exceptional. As I have mentioned the menu changes regularly and when I put that first bit of our starter into my mouth I clearly understood why it made people salivate and why it is booked out regularly.

I have tried all sorts of sea food however the Bellevue-style blue lobster exceeded my expectations. Do you know the taste in your mouth when food dissolves on your tongue? The presentation, the texture, the flavour all that awakened my appetite for the rest – another 5 courses to be exact!

Preserved duck foie gras, strawberry/rhubarb gelée

Warm white asparagus, citrus mousseline sauce

Roasted turbot, two ways artichokes

Seared pigeon, ‘à la française’ fava and green beans

Crispy ‘Tower nut’, chocolate from Alain Ducasse Factory in Paris and praline

If you wonder why I didn’t write anything about the other courses the answer is simple. I couldn’t because with each mouthful we were pleasantly overwhelmed. So, if you have an occasion in your life that’s worth proper celebration, then this is where you should go!

  • As of September 2018 the restaurant is ran by Frédéric Anton, a three-star Michelin chef
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