A few minutes later the train entered into a dark tunnel directly into the mountain. The train driver did not even have to open the door, yet my body already started to shiver and we felt frost on our lips. Then a voice, our “captain”, came from the speakers, with the announcement of a little surprise for us. The panorama view of the snowy footpath from the sightseeing hall of Eismeer directly inside the mountain welcomed us just before reaching the peak of Jungfraujoch.

With a stop of just five minutes to take pictures, I almost missed the train for so much enthusiasm, the time for millions of photos from the hall flew by and it was time for a chance that doesn’t come along every day – the top. Finally!!!

We knew the ascent to Jungfraujoch had something to offer, but I had to wait for the BEST OF THE BEST. And it was worth it. If you are a crazy chocoholic, you will never leave the place.. Because, besides the snowy peak, the paradise is waiting for you in form of LINDT Chocolatier and one of the world’s greatest treats. Dark, dairy or white, with caramel or nuts, the choice was too much.

As we walked slowly through the Ice Palace and admired his majestic guardians, the eagles, we approached the top from where you can touch heaven.

As soon as I opened the door to the viewing terrace, I felt a sharp frosty wind right over my head and crackling snow underneath my feet at 3,454 meters above sea level. I went weak at the knees, because I have managed something that many only dream of – I stretched my hand and stole my little piece of heaven! The hour has passed, and I did not know it was time to return. My eyes were filled with tears, because Lindt became my second home.

That’s not all at all. Thanks to the different route on return journey, we were certain that this trip was our best ‘highlight’ decision. Just like on the way up, there were many lovely villages, azure creeks, and waterfalls off the cliffs. The way home was unforgettable. The zigzag railway twisted through beautiful Wengen and Lauterbrunnen and each of these places looked like they were cut out of a magazine. To keep up with it, on leaving the train at the penultimate station in Lauterbrunnen, the drops from the nearby Staubbach waterfalls, which are the adornment of this Alpine village, freshened our faces to say goodbye.

What can be better during a hot summer day?!

When you experience something unforgettable, time literally flies, and after this all-day adventure, I was convinced that it really was. You do not even know how quickly the time passes, but ours definitely did fly by. We will undoubtedly come back to Switzerland again!!!

My top 5 tips before you spread your wings to reach the top:

  1. Take warm boots with you (because the real cold never goes away) 😉
  2. Binoculars (if you want to see everything closely from above)
  3. Full wallet (because they sell tons of Lindt chocolates and souvenirs)
  4. Empty bag pack (because you will need to put everything of what your heart desires somewhere to take back down the mountain)
  5. Camera!!! (because only a photo captures the true beauty forever)
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