How to tell a story? Especially if it’s the first one you’re telling. However, if you visit Switzerland and take an opportunity to ascend Jungfraujoch (by train of course) the story is told all by itself. As soon as we arrived at Interlaken, the place amazed us – welcoming locals, delicious food and fantastic atmosphere. The highlight day would be tomorrow.

We woke up into a warm summer morning, the sun was shining and the view on the hills nearby already made our day. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the day and the best was still waiting. Before our all-day trip, we eased hunger just like the Swiss, went out to buy the tickets from the local Interlaken Turismus visitor centre and got on the train at Interlaken Ost station that sits well below the majestic Jungfraujoch, the mountain shield and the highest altitude railway station in Europe all in one.

The view on either side literally took my breath away!

The wooden chalets were in perfect harmony with the green meadows, babbling brooks, and everything went together beautifully – as if from a catalogue, except here, it was reality. You probably do not believe it when you read it as much as I don’t when I write it, but I never saw such splendour of nature in my entire life. The windows on the train cabin could be opened upright, so everyone desired to take their most excellent photo as we were literally pushing one another to get a little bit of space.

The first layover that almost turned into a stopover was settled in a small valley over the greenery village of Grindelwald known as the gateway to the Jungfrau region. It felt like I held Grindelwald in my hand. Everything was overwhelmed by colours, nature blossomed into beauty, and the sun rays burnt. I could not stop taking pictures because at this moment we stood on the ground before we spread our wings and “took off” to the top.

After a few minutes, there was time for the second stage of our journey before the next stop – Kleine Scheidegg

The higher the train climbed, the more you could see. Of course, the higher we climbed, the colder it got. After crossing one of the main destinations, it began to resemble what we were looking forward to all day….(to be continued)

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