If there is something that you must do in France and in Paris specifically, it is a cooking class. Not just to fill up your spare time with something to do but also because the cooking class I did with my husband was an opportunity to learn new things and it gave a real glimpse into how to prepare, cook and serve pastries like a professional French pastry chef.

The place where we learnt so much is located in the heart of the city in the neighbourhood of St Gervais just opposite the Île Saint-Louis. The prices range from 69 to 159 euro depending on what kind of activity you are after. Their team members come from many different countries having all sorts of skills that they share and transfer to you, so get ready to absorb more than a lot. They offer a huge variety of classes from French pastry making to food tours around Paris but the coolest things about the schools is that their kitchens look just like a home kitchen which encourages you to replicate at home easily the dishes you learn there.

Sharing is caring and the classes in the school are designed to pass this belief on to as many people as possible. When you book you will be learning in groups where everybody tries their hand at creating the best quality French dishes. Normally, the whole process takes up to 6 hours but they prepare a few bits for you upfront which means that you can still fully benefit from it in just 3 hours. The class we booked online was called Baking Classes / Le Croissant & Breakfast Pastries for 99 euro per person during which we perfectly mastered the Croissant, the Pain au Chocolat and Pain au Raisin making.

Roll out! Shape! Sprinkle! Bake! The 4 simple steps that repeated but it didn’t take a bit away from the fun of the class. You’re probably impatient now saying more pictures pictures pictures! Honestly, we didn’t have a second to spend over taking photos because the experience was so pleasantly overwhelming… Ok, I was busy tasting!

However, we met great people, mastered the French pastry making secret that we’ll keep in our memories forever! What a terrific idea it was. So when you visit Paris, book it too! You’ll love it!

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