Whether you crave fine-dining or just yearn for some quality fresh food, perhaps the city of Nice, hugging the shores of the French Riviera, can fulfil that wish. French cuisine is simply irresistible, but in this city the diversity of ingredients, freshness, quality and variety is almost limitless. Nice is one of the hotspots for food tourism (at least for me) because every time we come here on holidays there is always a restaurant that we get excited about visiting – and during our recent visit this was definitely the case also.

As usual, my husband and I were searching for something special on the internet when we came across the restaurant called Flaveur – the 2 Michelin starred restaurant run by two chef brothers Mickaël and Gaël Tourteaux. After a quick check it seemed perfect for a Friday night dinner date so we booked a table ready to delight our taste buds with some genuinely artful Provence cuisine.

Flaveur, Nice

When you are on holidays, time flies quicker than you think and dinnertime was on. Even though the restaurant was only a 20 minutes’ walk away from our apartment we got there just in time. It is a cosy restaurant with seating for a maximum of a dozen people, so that the brothers can provide the best possible experience without compromising on the quality or the presentation – as the kitchen is really a 2-person operation. 

Welcome dish

Straight after we were sat at our table, the Maitre’D welcomed us himself and brought us the so-called amuse bouche – a single bite-sized complimentary appetizer or literally a mouth amuser to prepare our taste buds for the degustation ahead. And yes, it really was fun! They were served on a wooden square bowl filled with anchovy skeletons – a very unique and original presentation that I haven’t ever seen anywhere else. The three parts that made up the amuse-bouche starters perfectly complemented each other visually and taste-wise.

Next was a choice of the menu – although we had just three options of tasting menu, which doesn’t sound like a lot, we couldn’t make a decision immediately. There was a 3 or 4 course menu or a 7 course menu. After a while and it was a WHILE (because we were so indecisive) we went for the 4 course menu along with the paring wines.

4 bites and 4 sips – not just 4 courses and 4 glasses it is so much more – consisting of in-between course palette-cleansers, small appetizers all exquisitely presented and crafted…  so, please explore the pictures below,  or rather visit Nice and book a table because the experience and taste say more than words ever could.

Smoked Sword Fish
Seasonal Local Fish
Beef from Piémont
Black nougat
with Ice cream

And of course Mignardises like a Pan Massala. In other words to spoil you even more!!!

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