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A blog of travel wanders, food tips, hotel reviews, destination guides & itineraries from us @thebenosadventures that helps you prepare for your adventures. Our mission is to unearth every travel secret for your smooth and unforgettable travel experience.

Gare de Nice Ville, Nice 2015

When I'm sorting through my thoughts now and thinking about what I'm looking forward to, I'm so grateful and fortunate to get to know the world little by little through visiting the prettiest and the richest places. When I say the richest you probably think that I am talking about prices. But the opposite is true! I've visited dozens of places so far, but the best part is that I’ve visited them with the love of my life Dan.

Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid 2015

Our paths crossed one day in Slovakia and ever since we’ve shared the same passion - we've visited destinations with vibrant cultures from around the world and restaurants with authentic, local and delicious cuisine that never lets you forget the atmosphere of a place, through experiencing the freshness and variety of its ingredients.

Thanks to that, we’ve had the opportunity to experience the character of a destination through our taste buds. If this sounds good to you sit back and read more because we aim to inspire others to have great foodie holidays.

Nice 2015

From the day we met we fell in love with the idea of discovering the world together. We believe that every place has a character just like people and we always take a chance on finding out as much as we can 😉 Especially in such countries as France, you can go from Paris, the city of lights, to Bordeaux the kingdom of wines, to Nice lit in the sunset of the azure coast offering some of the freshest sea food that we have tried along the Mediterranean Sea. The number of destinations is endless and we will bring them closer to you.

Although this is not all, at all! In our collection we have memories from London where I lived for 4 years before I met Dan. It was our passion for discovering good cuisine, plus some random wandering, that helped us uncover some great restaurants that are worthy of sharing with others. We love to explore in depth so our goal is to spend as much time as we can in one place.

Barca Sailing, Santorini 2017
Restaurant Flaveur, Nice 2018

However, our lives weren’t as interesting or wonderful a few years ago!


When we still had no idea of one another my knowledge of what is outside of my home country was less than nothing. Literally, besides the well known sentence “What time is it?” I could barely speak English and I couldn’t imagine what was waiting for me abroad. I was so sad and disappointed about being so unaware with no experience or something to share!

London 2010

I dreamt of drinking wine on the bank of the river Seine or taking a walk along a sunny beach on the Costa del Sol. This all seemed so surreal, so I decided to make a radical change in 2010. Having just turned 18, I made a big decision; to leave Slovakia and move to London. This was the place where I spent over 6 years, graduated, got a chance to gain experience in the travel industry and the moment where the idea of travelling lit my desire to go further and to see more.

Work placement - Larnaca Airport, Cyprus 2016


I have been interested in cooking since I was a child; as a 10yr old in Australia I went to kid’s cooking classes to learn basic cake and biscuit making. I visited the fresh food markets in Melbourne with my mother and grandmother, learning and developing a love for fresh ingredients, variety and regional produce.

High Tatras, Slovakia 2012

As the years passed, I discovered different cuisines, dishes, ingredients, methods to cook. I dreamt of visiting Europe where my father had come from. In 2009, I took the first journey to Slovakia – my father’s home country. I fell in love with Europe and spent 5 years travelling it, and in those 5 years I travelled this beautiful continent up and down. In 2014, after I returned to Slovakia to spend some time with my new friends I met Millie.

France 2009
Trastevere, Rome 2017

Nowadays, we travel together as a married couple and can give tips to people on places to go and why. We pick a place or a restaurant, enjoy their offerings, I take pictures and make a few notes, and then I put together a review to let the rest of the world see what awaits.

Thanks to our eagerness to see the world we can give you top tips on where to go, places to eat and other interesting highlights and tales to help better the experience when you are in your dream destination. We go to places, explore and savour the foods, the neighbourhoods, the local gems, take pictures, and write about it so you can just get inspired, pack your luggage and go to wherever your heart is taking you to.

Metropol Parasol, Seville 2015

If you are thinking of a journey but have such questions as where do find information? We might have the answer for you! Through our articles we hope to reveal some cool secrets to passionate travellers like you.

Get inspired! Get ready! Get going!

Singapore 2013
Monaco, 2015