In a couple of months summer will be here in Europe The days are getting warmer and longer, soon we will be able to walk out wearing just a t-shirt and shorts. Even though it still may take a while for summer to be in full swing, in Amsterdam there are easy ways to get wherever you need to quickly and comfortably regardless of the season.

Amsterdam is a destination we visit regularly because the ways to entertain ourselves are endless here. Whenever we visit, we always find a great restaurant to eat at, or something interesting to do, but Amsterdam itself is a big attraction and now we are about to tell you 3 ways to explore the Dutch capital’s charm and many attractions affordably, comfortably and on your own pace.


Walking tours are available around the city organised by students or locals with Free Walking Tours Amsterdam. This kind of exploration is best if you don’t mind spending a few hours on foot, or you want to not spend too much money sightseeing, or you would rather save it for something else because IT IS FREE! Of course, in the end it is appreciative if you leave a tip but trust me you will because it is unforgettable!

They offer 4 types of tours in total 3 times a day and you choose either:

  • Classic tour
  • Food tour
  • Red light district tour
  • Private tour
  • Alternative tour that takes you beyond the traditional tourist spots in the city

Each tour is unique because it focuses on a specific aspect that tweaks your curiosity. The only proviso is that booking upfront is required and there is a maximum 20 people in one group.

The meeting point at the Dam Square never changes and you can easily recognise the tour guides standing near the National monument underneath the white umbrella with their logo on it.

Dam Square, the meeting point

These tours are perfectly organised even if you decide to travel with children, because the tour guides always make sure that children don’t see anything inappropriate! So whatever the age tour guides always keep an eye on what should be shown and how a story should be told.


Amsterdam is known as the most bike-friendly city although cold weather might not be right for cycling through the city, believe it or not the Netherlanders do it all year around. It is quick, efficient, and affordable and thanks to the extensive bike-path networks throughout the city, you can get to the narrowest places where a car can’t  pass through; cyclists enjoy priority over cars or any other vehicle in the city.

Sounds good to you? It is not surprising at all and if you want to hire a bike in Amsterdam we know how, where and how much it costs. After having a great experience with Black Bikes Rental Amsterdam we cannot recommend them highly enough. The beauty of their excellent service is that you can hop-on in one store and drop-off at any of their 14 locations around the city, or even outside the centre.

Like we said, you can finf their stores in 14 locations in Amsterdam but also in The Haag, Haarlem and Utrecht.

You are probably thinking of how much it costs to hire a bike. Well, they lease out different types of bikes depending fully on you preferences with such accessories as helmet (though no required in the Netherlands) or a seat if you want to keep safe or you want to take your child out for an unforgettable ride along the canals, or through Vondelpark on a hot summer day, or even for a ride filled with the Amsterdam Light Festival masterpieces in winter. Take a look at their price list below!

Black Bikes Rental Price list

Just check out Black Bikes Rental Amsterdam for more information and explore Holland like a local.


In 2015 we first visited Amsterdam as a couple. It was a just a day-trip from Paris, although because we had booked the canal cruise and it was my first time in the Netherlands I must say we couldn’t have arranged it any better. When you plan your holiday you usually plan ahead as much as you can, but sometimes the spontaneous ideas are the best!

The canal cruise with Stromma

Dan and I had planned to go to Amsterdam together for months and even though we thought we wouldn’t have enough time, it turned out our passion to explore was bigger than the time frame for extras. The high-speed TGV train journey from Paris took around 2 hours and when we finally got off the train at the Centraal Station we were only a few minutes away from the assembly point for the canal cruise.

Damrak, the assembly point

As we wanted to sight see as much of Amsterdam the best way we could in a single day, on a walk around the marina piers we “bumped into” one of the Stromma launching places, where Dan surprised me with the cruise idea, just as the crew were about to lift the anchor and depart 😉 We didn’t know what to expect, but like most things we did in Amsterdam, the whole canal cruise experience was terrific!

Stromma has been shaping the holiday reputation of Amsterdam since 2016 and every year they welcome over a million visitors with all sorts of activities from cruises to tours. We must admit that this tour convinced us of their ability to make your holiday truly unforgettable. Whether you are seeking an open boat cruise or a wine and dine evening cruise, or even a hop-on / hop-off round trip you’ll definitely find it here.

You can book either online or on-the-spot at the dock. Prices range from 11.50€ to around a 100€ depending on each activity and the route. As long as I remember, Dan bought tickets online for around 23€ per person so it helped us save some money for a souvenir or two.

From the variety of the things to do with them we decided to take the 100 highlights cruise for an hour. It was a random pick but we did well because thanks to this trip we didn’t miss any of the Amsterdam’s hotspots. On the way you pass by Ann Frank House, the Westerkerk, or perhaps the houses from the Golden Age. All kinds of interesting and uniquely Amsterdam attractions can be viewed while gently motoring through the canal systems surrounding the city. Why do we think that Stromma is so phenomenal?

Well, besides all the qualities sights mentioned above there are dozens of advantages if you book any cruise with them:

  • Tours are guided in multiple languages
  • Stunning images – some cruises are on an open boat – so no glass reflections in your photos
  • Save money – book online and you pay less (discounts depend on the type of a cruise)
  • Hot and cold beverages included (depending on the cruise and season)
  • Dinner on board (depending on the cruise)
  • Hop on – Hop off – switch between a boat and a bus for the ultimate exploration experience

For these reasons and many more we recommend Stromma highly, although it is always better go to find out yourself!

Hi guys! We are Milica and Daniel or Millie and Dan, a happy couple with Slovak-Australian origins that love to travel. But not just randomly! We explore to show other couples how to spend good times together and experience some of the best times wining, dining and enjoying places. Does it sound good to you? Read more and get inspired! Read our story here >>

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