How do people naturally distinguish between the ordinary, the normal and the great or fantastic? We all were born with an incredible gift – the ability to taste – that accompanies us through life as we explore new flavours, richness and variety.

Nowadays, people don’t usually frequent the same restaurant regularly, because the journey of seeking unique food experiences is not usually fixed to one place or cuisine. As dedicated foodies, we always have our radar on for these attributes and we have some great tips for you from the Czech capital!

Prague 2018

Inherently, Prague is a city that undoubtedly meets the foodie expectation; an actual experience and dining culture that is mirrored in the modern cuisine as well as traditional offerings which satisfy taste buds on every corner – from original Czech cuisine, simple and delicious meals, to contemporary haute cuisine.

Initially, my husband and I planned to go to Prague to catch up with my lifetime friend and visit such attractions as the Prague Castle, however when we came across the Michelin starred restaurant Field in the Old Town our plans got changed a little bit.

Strahov Garden Viewpoint / Vyhlídka Strahovské zahrady

Because we love to explore a place with our taste buds we decided to book a table for Sunday lunch. Of course, for us one of the first steps is to check the menu offerings on their website; the visual spoke for itself so we deliberated no further and booked. Although, before we hit the road to the Field for our Sunday lunchwith a star, we are burning to introduce to you another culinary hotspot that we visited in Prague .

Bellevue Restaurant

Bellevue Restaurant is located nearby the river on Smetanovo nábřeží, only a 5 minute walk down the road from Charles Bridge (Karlův most) and their concept merges fresh local ingredients with the latest preparation techniques all served as precisely as possible with a tremendous attention to detail. Especially within the degustation menu we had for just over 2000 czk (80 euro per person) or a perfect wine paring for just over 3200 czk –  around 125 euro per person.

Because we were seeking something special, the degustation menu won out. We started with a little amuse bouche, as traditionally offered with increasing popularity in modern gastronomy. Their waiters brought cold gazpacho in a shot glass with fresh bread and locally produced butter. I never thought I could find a bit of Spain in the heart of the most popular Czech metropolis, nevertheless the taste was so authentic and it felt just like being back in Andalusia.

I didn’t even wake up from daydreaming of Mediterranean lifestyle after having that delicacy and the newly arrived starter on the table struck more appetite into us.

In spite of the cool, somewhat drizzly summer evening, when you feel like eating something richer, their smoked terrine of foie gras with refreshing gooseberry sorbet was exactly what our stomachs needed – the sweet and sour flavour of fruits matched well the creamy structure of foie gras spread on crunchy brioche.

Smoked terrine of foie gras with gooseberry sorbet

When waiters served the surf’n’turf main course(s) first we got St. Jacob’s scallops coated in smooth corn mash that just melted in my mouth. Next, super soft sea bass with zucchini cannelloni (which of course was in my stomach before I realised I had forgotten to take a picture) 😀 Nonetheless, each of these dishes exceeded our expectations; nothing less than a delightful combination.

Number 4 on the menu belonged to the turf part – Veal fillet with cauliflower. Personaly, it is not of my favourites but after the first mouthful of the meal it immediately took me back in time to my grandmother’s house, and reminded me of all delicious food she used to cook.

Last but not least was a dessert – my favourite course which I always find space in my stomach no matter how much I eat! Valrhona-Guanaja chocolate cremeux, the creamy filling topped with sour cherry sorbet, a basil sorbet with ginger and blackberries served after that dessert completed an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Valrhona-Guanaja chocolate cremeux, the creamy filling topped with sour cherry sorbet
Basil sorbet with ginger and blackberries

Like the authenticity in my grandmother’s food, for me Bellevue’s choice of ingredients, stylish and careful presentation represented that authenticity, because I could taste the love and passion they have for gastronomy in every single bite. And what is more authentic than LOVE?!!

Field Restaurant

It’s Sunday mid-day, we are on the way to Field walking towards U Milosrdných Street where the restaurant is situated and the cold wind that slightly turned the summer season upside down forces us to get in and warm ourselves up with food as soon as we can. We are finally here, the logo above the door – a scythe symbolizes the use of fresh local produce taken daily from the field – so we cannot wait to dig in to their menu.

Generally, when you go to a restaurant their menu consists of starter, main and dessert; at Field the menu persuades you to pick one meal from each category to best enjoy the journey of tastes throughout the meal service: The Cold – goose liver, wine spirit, cherry and pistachio presented in the most incredible way.

Goose liver, wine spirit, cherry and pistachio

The actual liver at the bottom of the round-shaped glass jar covered by the juicy jelly cherry glaze finished with pistachio, ice-cream and mustard seeds. The waiter puts each part of my starter on the table with the bottle filled with vinegary drink that is supposed to be drunk alongside the other components.  Even though I am not very big fan of that kind of mixture it triggered my taste buds, kick-starting my appetite for more.

The Warmthis selection offered 5 variations I could have never imagined so it was a somewhat uncertain choice of trout, rabbit, turmeric and tomato that I went with. As the waiter poured the tomato sauce over the trout, the broth reduction smelt just like my grand mum’s typical Sunday soup. Even though she did not put rabbit and trout in! But, when the flavours mixed together they created a kind of nostalgia in a bowl.

Keeping going, we get something that definitely reminds home and long walks on a field that I used take with my grandparents as a child – a succulent piece of veal, rich gravy, sweet blackberries with wild mushrooms – revive those days spent in the countryside where I played when I was little.

A piece of veal with rich gravy, sweet blackberries and wild mushrooms

And then the best of the best, dessert! Would you rather go for apricot, quark, hazelnut or lavender, or chocolate with redcurrant and sorrel? Well, whatever you pick from the menu you won’t be disappointed because anything served in the Field leaves a spark in your heart!

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