What can be better than a cup of coffee or tea with a piece of pastry or classically delicious top quality macarons and chocolates?! Certainly Paris is the best spot to get treats like these and Pierre Hermé’s history, which has transformed pastry-making into Haute-Pâtisserie, proves that here you get what you want. He is one of the top pastry chefs on a planet and in Paris and there is a place where you can learn how to make your own treats affordably with fun.

But first, let us tell you more about our first and the most recent experience. In summer 2018, after our shopping trip in Gallerie-Lafayette we passed one of the 14 Pierre Hermé’s boutiques on Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie in Le Marais, just a short walk from Hôtel de Ville metro station. Because we had never tried his confectioneries but we had heard popular rumours about them, this was a great opportunity to try it, so we walked in ready to indulge.

To be in it felt like pastry paradise, macarons with a multitude of flavours and exquisite looking chocolates laid out behind the shop window. Well, to feel like you are in a pastry paradise you don’t necessarily have to be in one of Pierre Hermé’s patisseries, they are available around the world.

Recently, we visited Galerie Lafayette in Nice where their new summer collection 2019 blew our minds with the originality, uniqueness and with a taste of lightness which anyone who visited the boutique couldn’t resist. The macaron collection was very rich and extensive, with 19 various combinations. Travellers who have explored France with their taste buds would agree that the imagination is limitless, which is exactly what Pierre Hermé’s macarons represent.

Double, triple or even quadruple mixtures of sweet and savoury ingredients composed a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness (of course all macarons are sweet). Even though it was so hard to choose we made our mind up and we picked Milk chocolate and Passion fruit; Lemon; Madagascan vanilla and last but not least the newest creation of Yoghurt, Pistachio and Raspberry and of course Cherry.

In addition, a very friendly sales assistant gave us a leaflet containing extra information about the latest collection with recommendations for tasting so we could explore more of their collection.

Although it sounds fantastic, it tastes a thousand times better which is why you should try yourself! Alors, bon voyage et bon appétit!!!

Hi guys! We are Milica and Daniel or Millie and Dan, a happy couple with Slovak-Australian origins that love to travel. But not just randomly! We explore to show other couples how to spend good times together and experience some of the best times wining, dining and enjoying places. Does it sound good to you? Read more and get inspired! Read our story here >>

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